Steeda Adjustable Heavy Duty Engine Mounts which have been designed to replace the weak factory hydra bushing style engine mounts. Over time and mileage, the factory mounts can become weak and start to sag and this can even happen under limited hard use. Not only are the Steeda units much more durable, they are also adjustable from the factory height, up to 3/4″ lower to help create clearance for those with a supercharger or a strut tower braces.

These particular adjustable engine mounts will come with the softer red bushings for great control with only minimal increase in engine and transmission vibration. And these will come with the hard black bushings for maximum control, but there will be an increase in engine and transmission vibration. The black bushings are recommended for competition use only.

Included will be 2 plugs to cap off the vacuum lines once the mounts are installed.