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  • The IAG Stage 1 Short Block is perfect for lightly modified EJ25 Subaru’s that need a basic and reliable performance short block. Subaru turbo engines are commonly known for piston ring land failures and if gone unchecked lead to rod knock and total engine failure due to oil starvation from blow-by. IAG’s Stage 1 Short Block includes upgraded forged pistons along with performance main and rod bearings that replace the OEM components that are prone to common failure on Stage 2 and up vehicles. Each IAG Stage 1 Short Block starts with a new Subaru 2.5L 99.5mm bore EJ25 engine case halves as standard. The short block is measured and assembled using a new 2017+ Nitride Treated Subaru 2.5L STI crankshaft that is matched to ACL or King main bearings. Early style OEM STI rods are utilized along with ACL or King rod bearings. The case halves are sealed with new OEM case bolts and sealant. Finally, 99.5mm IAG-Spec JE Forged Pistons are spec’d and installed finishing off the short block.

Stage 1 Short Block Includes:

    • Case Halves –Brand new Subaru OEM case halves 99.5mm Stock Bore
    • Pistons –IAG-Spec JE 99.5mm Forged Pistons, Ring Set, .180″ Chromoly Steel Pins, Clips, (Perfect Skirt Coating and Offset Wrist Pin)
    • Connecting Rods –Early OEM (Stronger Style) STI rods
    • Rod / Main Bearings –ACL or King Bearings
    • Crankshaft –Standard New Subaru Nitride Treated 2017+ STI Crankshaft
    • Case / Main Bolts –Standard FHI Subaru case bolts
  • Specs: The IAG Stage 1 Short Block has a power output rating of 500BHP.
  • Compression Ratio: 8.5:1 on D Cylinder Heads (EJ255)
  • Compression Ratio: 8.2:1 on B, V and W EJ257 Heads with standard thickness gasket.

*All IAG short blocks are balanced and blueprinted.