Agency Power, a leader in automotive aftermarket upgrades, is proud to announce the release of our high flow Catted J-Pipe and Mid-pipe for the new WRX. The 2-piece product design allows for easy install of the Catted J-pipe. The Catted J-pipe feature a large 3.5″ turbine outlet merge collector that steps down to 3″ stainless steel piping after the high flow 300 Cell GESi Catalytic converter. The kit was developed utilizing water jetted factory style exhaust flanges to ensure precise fit. Gaskets and hardware (including new turbine housing studs) are provided with each downpipe. This product was designed, fabricated, and tested in Gilbert Arizona and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Included: OEM Subaru Turbo Outlet Gasket,3.00″ catback gasket, New Turbine Housing Studs, New Exhaust Hardware. About the Catalytic Converter: GESI High Output (HO-series) and Ultra High output (UHO-series) Universal Metal Core Catalytic Converters have been designed to provide a reliable solution to the most common converter problems experienced by our customers. EPA certified for use on OBD2 vehicles (1996 and newer). 49 States only! Full Stainless Steel construction, including the substrate which is furnace braised to the mantle for outstanding durability Unique end-cap design locks substrate in so it can’t rattle around The GESI proprietary precious metal loading technology ensures greatly reduced emissions, eliminating most “Check Engine Light” issues. Capable of withstanding up to 1500 deg F. Ideal for forced induction applications, with no loss of HP. Covered by a 5 year – 50,000 mile warranty (on shell and tube ends only).